Why Support HMAAC?

The Harrison Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) in Center in the Square, provides an opportunity for the greater Southwestern Virginia community to be introduced to a different accounting of American history. You will discover the contributions African Americans have and are making in the area of the arts, industry, politics, education, sports, and the cultural character of life not only in Virginia’s Blue Ridge but across the globe.

Our Vision is that the Harrison Museum will be a vibrant force in creating community collaborations to capture the rich history and continue the legacy of African culture.

Development is part of how the Museum is able to sustain its collections, operating expenses and more. It is in part through the generous donations and financial contributions from individuals, corporations, government and other sources that the Museum is able to maintain is presence as a significant part of the Roanoke area and surrounding communities.

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Why Give to the Museum?

  1. Gifts from individuals are a vital source of operating support for the Museum.
  2. Your gift provides much needed resources to fund and maintain the Museum’s ongoing exhibits, programs and special events.
  3. Many corporations and foundations want to be assured that individuals in the community support the Museum before they make their gifts.
  4. Your gift is an investment in the ongoing viability of a Museum that is the largest African American Museum in the surrounding area.
  5. The Harrison Museum of African American Culture strives to be a renowned history museum with outstanding collections and research used to produce innovative exhibits that celebrate the significant events and accomplishments of African Americans. We need your support to make it happen.

Types of Gifts

  1. Outright Gifts.
    • Include gifts of cash, checks or credit cards.
    • Provide the Museum with immediate revenue.
    • Include the following credit card payment options: Visa and MasterCard.
    • Checks should be made payable to: Harrison Museum of African American Culture.
  2. Gift pledges. A pledge is a formal statement of your intention to make a gift to the Museum by making regular payments over a period of time. Please contact us so that we can arrange your pledge contribution.
  3. Matching gifts. Many employers will match employee contributions to charitable organizations like the Museum. Check with your personnel department to obtain a matching gift form and then mail the completed form with your gift to:The Harrison Museum of African American Culture
    One Market Square SE – Fifth Floor
    Roanoke, VA
  4. Anonymous gifts. The Museum understands and respects the preference of donors who wish to remain anonymous. Unless donor requests anonymity, however, the Museum regards all gifts as a matter of public record and reserves the right to disclose the name of a donor at its lawful discretion.
  5. In-kind gifts.
    • In-kind gifts are contributions of assets other than cash.
    • Include donations such as refreshments, printing services, exhibit building materials, new computer equipment, office supplies and many other needs.
    • Help the Museum offset its operating expenses.

Acceptance of gifts, donations or consigned merchandise to the Museum is conditional upon the approval of an authorized Museum representative.

If appropriate, all receipts/invoices must accompany all donations or gifts at time of acceptance, to validate transmittal of stated items. As a matter of Museum policy, the donor is responsible for establishing the value of the donated gift for tax purposes. If you are interested in making an in-kind gift, please contact the museum.