Press Release for William Fleming’s Advanced Theatre Class World Premiere Production of:

Remnants of a Broken Past: Sponsored by the Harrison Museum, in collaboration with Mill Mountain Theatre


You are cordially invited to come and witness Remnants of a Broken Past, a heartfelt drama dealing with the immorality of the world of Genocides. This new and original, theatrical piece written by two members of William Fleming High School’s Advanced Theatre Class, Kayla Saunders and Jazmine Otey will be performed by the William Fleming High School Advanced Theatre Class. Our 2 authoresses were inspired to create this new piece of theatre after experiencing a unit called Theatre of the Holocaust, taught by instructor and director of the class, Larry Van Deventer. Remnants of a Broken Past cleverly tells the story of 3 Genocides; The Holocaust, Rwanda and Cambodia through the eyes of 4 High School students who have been assigned to work together on a project that has our students researching the dark horrors of Genocides and the millions of innocent lives affected by these acts of cowardice. Two of our students struggle to understand the fact that these Genocides ever occurred in the first place. Though some, like our two student skeptics may think the tragedy of Genocides never happened or was just a problem of the past, we aspire to educate the uneducated on these catastrophes that are still unfortunately on the rise today. We want to bring forth the hells that were once a reality for many, we want to be a voice for the millions of voices that were suddenly and deliberately silenced forever, and we want those shouts and cries to be heard. “I don’t believe the problems in this world can be solved by political or economic means alone. They will be resolved by sprit, by people who want to make a difference,” –Liz Walker. We the members of the William Fleming Advanced Theatre Class wish to be heard through the medium of theatre and our play; we wish to make a difference!

Join us for the World Premier of Remnants of Broken Past on April 18th for a 2:00p.m.matinee and a 7:00 p.m. evening performance to see the past unraveled before you. The show will take place on the Waldron Stage of Mill Mountain Theatre, 20 W. Church Ave. Southeast, Roanoke, VA. Tickets are $5 for students and adults. For further information call Larry Van Deventer, our head director, 853-6241, or Harrison Museum, 857-4395. Join us as we pay tribute to the millions of lives taken way too soon.

Note: There will be a Q & A after each show with the authors, cast and director.

Will you learn from history’s lesson?