In Roanoke, Virginia, the Star City of the South, a “New Star is Born,” destined to be a new treasure for the City of Roanoke. Dyke Wood, an abstract expressionist is a native Roanoker, who has resided here for all his life. He graduated from Patrick Henry High School, and he attended Hampton University prior to being employed with Norfolk and Western/Norfolk Southern Railroad for 38 years.

Mr. Wood had no formal training or exposure to Art. In Middle School and High School, he had 3 teachers, Mr. Sands, Ms. Vest, and Mrs. Booth, who greatly influenced his affinity and love of art. This enhanced his penchant for artistic expression.

This is Dyke Wood’s premier public forum exhibiting his work, which is noted for its intense color which expresses the inexpressible! He is a Colorist who uses color in a special and skillful way. It has very little to do with his thinking,…rather yielding and embracing EMOTION!

Being an abstract expressionist, the artist does not strive to achieve a visual reality…rather focusing on colors and shapes to arrive at his objective and effect. Indubitably, he wishes to present an extraordinary revelation between the viewer, artist, and the canvas
with his Avant-Garde approach.

Hence, what is seen is a visual expression, language of shape, form, and color, thereby creating the desired portrayal and objectivity of the artist!!! Stop, look, and, let your conscience be your guide for the sake of ART!