Community Educators: A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth asserts that education is broader than just schooling. It recognizes that the relationship between education, democracy, and community is inseparable, and illustrates the important lessons learned from citizens, organizations, and communities dedicated to the development of youth. The book sets as a challenge the need to view education as broader than the current accepted thinking and to act on improving education through collaborative relationships.

Harbour is an associate of the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Dayton, Ohio, that seeks to identify and address the challenges to making democracy work as it should through interrelated program areas that focus on citizens, communities, and institutions. She is also the CEO/president of the Harbour Center for Quality Education LLC and founder of the Healing the Heart of Diversity initiative. Harbour holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Howard University, a Master of Education Degree from the University of Virginia and a Doctorate Degree in Education Administration and Policy Studies from    Vanderbilt University. She served as a member of the Hollins University board of trustees from 1999 – 2008.

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