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Silent Auction

jazz-brunchSilent Auction Features Artwork by Alonzo Hubbard, artist of Roanoke states, “My art is simply a tangible expression of how I process information relative to how I view life and my life situations. It is an expression of love, beauty, order and peace; the primary ingredient of our existence. My art incorporates a kaleidoscope of colors to express diversity in oneness. My art appeals to the heart, the spiritual self, the higher consciousness that is one in the universal consciousness and makes one feel a universal love and peace rather than a fabricated love that is fleeting and illusionary at best.”

Cover Art: “Intermission” by Alonzo Hubbard



Join Us: Remnants of a Broken Past


Press Release for William Fleming’s Advanced Theatre Class World Premiere Production of:

Remnants of a Broken Past: Sponsored by the Harrison Museum, in collaboration with Mill Mountain Theatre


You are cordially invited to come and witness Remnants of a Broken Past, a heartfelt drama dealing with the immorality of the world of Genocides. This new and original, theatrical piece written by two members of William Fleming High School’s Advanced Theatre Class, Kayla Saunders and Jazmine Otey will be performed by the William Fleming High School Advanced Theatre Class. Our 2 authoresses were inspired to create this new piece of theatre after experiencing a unit called Theatre of the Holocaust, taught by instructor and director of the class, Larry Van Deventer. Remnants of a Broken Past cleverly tells the story of 3 Genocides; The Holocaust, Rwanda and Cambodia through the eyes of 4 High School students who have been assigned to work together on a project that has our students researching the dark horrors of Genocides and the millions of innocent lives affected by these acts of cowardice. Two of our students struggle to understand the fact that these Genocides ever occurred in the first place. Though some, like our two student skeptics may think the tragedy of Genocides never happened or was just a problem of the past, we aspire to educate the uneducated on these catastrophes that are still unfortunately on the rise today. We want to bring forth the hells that were once a reality for many, we want to be a voice for the millions of voices that were suddenly and deliberately silenced forever, and we want those shouts and cries to be heard. “I don’t believe the problems in this world can be solved by political or economic means alone. They will be resolved by sprit, by people who want to make a difference,” –Liz Walker. We the members of the William Fleming Advanced Theatre Class wish to be heard through the medium of theatre and our play; we wish to make a difference!

Join us for the World Premier of Remnants of Broken Past on April 18th for a 2:00p.m.matinee and a 7:00 p.m. evening performance to see the past unraveled before you. The show will take place on the Waldron Stage of Mill Mountain Theatre, 20 W. Church Ave. Southeast, Roanoke, VA. Tickets are $5 for students and adults. For further information call Larry Van Deventer, our head director, 853-6241, or Harrison Museum, 857-4395. Join us as we pay tribute to the millions of lives taken way too soon.

Note: There will be a Q & A after each show with the authors, cast and director.

Will you learn from history’s lesson?

New Exhibit: Mystical View of Tribal Heritage – Opening February 23, 2015


A Mystical View of Tribal Heritage is an exhibit on loan from the International Museum Institute of New York. Faithfully recreated by award-winning artist Richard W. Jones (1934-2008), this critically acclaimed collection of authentic reproductions of ancient masks, murals, and sculptures celebrates 3,500 years of African Tribal Art and Traditions. From ancient nok heads to the spectacular masks dogon dances and contemporary South African murals, the popular faces of Africa is an intimate and mystical view of the tribal heritage!

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Bus Trip to Greensboro – RSVP by March 7, 2015


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Kwanzaa: Harvesting the Fruits – December 28th


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Artists and Musicians – Interfaith Youth Core


You are cordially invited to an open house with Artists and Musicians Lecture Series in collaboration with Hollins University, Roanoke College, and Virginia Western Community College.

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Artists & Musicians Lecture Series-Oscar Micheaux


Artists & Musicians Lecture Series-Oscar Micheaux-1


Artists & Musicians Lecture Series-Oscar Micheaux-2

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A Cruise Down the Nile


The Harrison Museum of African American Culture cordially invites you to attend

A Cruise Down the Nile

“Featuring 3 Ports of Call”

Friday October 17, 2014

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Henry Street Heritage Festival 2014


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Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes – August 1st at the Jefferson Center


 Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes will be performing live on August 1st at the Jefferson Center




About  Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes

Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes were another charismatic Philly band whose roots dated backto long before their leap into stardom during the 70 s. Behind lead singer Melvin, and theimmensely popular Teddy Pendergrass, the group enjoyed the same tremendous success as theircontemporaries featured on the 70 s Soul Jam Tour.

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were formed by Melvin in Philadelphia in 1954, and notsurprisingly, they would endure a long road characterized of modest success before reachingnational stardom. The group, which featured Melvin, Donald Broody, and Bernard Williams,signed with the small, New York-based Josie Records in 1954. In 1960 under the Valley Vuelabel, they went onto record their first hit to reach the R&B charts with the single My Hero .In 1970, it was the apparently unassuming addition of Pendergrass as their drummer that set off aseries of pivotal events that led to the group s jump into national prominence. In 1972, the groupcollaborated with producers/songwriters Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble, the same duo thatworked with the distinguished soul band, The O Jays, and signed with their PhiladelphiaInternational label. Melvin and Gamble & Huff agreed Pendergrass was best suited in the role oflead singer, a decision that would prove to be ingenious in the coming years.With Pendergrass in his new role and Gamble & Huff s influence, Harold Melvin and The BlueNotes reeled off a series of hits off of their 1973 self-titled album, including If You Don t KnowMe By Now , and The Love I Lost , which reached No. 3 and No. 7 on the Billboard popcharts respectively. The new-look lineup featured Pendergrass ss refreshingly emotional vocalson ballads, which truly appealed to the masses. Their success continued in 1975, with their ToBe True album.

They released three Top 40 R&B hits off the album, Where Are All My Friends , the No. 15Billboard pop song, Bad Luck and the No. 1 R&B single, Hope That We Can Be TogetherSoon , which was a silky smooth duet that featured Melvin and R&B singer and current groupmember Sharon Paige.

In 1975, the group released another smash-hit album entitled, Wake Up Everybody , whichfeatured only two singles, including the title track, and uplifting, socially motivated number thatreached No.12 on the Billboard Pop Charts. Wake Up Everybody , turned out to bePendergrass sss final album with the group, as he went on to pursue a successful career. Still,the group responded with their 1977 hit single, Reaching for the World , with David Ebbo astheir new lead singer, who sounded strikingly similar to Pendergrass. The song climbed to No. 6on the Billboard R&B Charts.

The group went onto release seven more albums, including four compilation albums, but moresignificant was their role as one of the three original featured bands on the 70 s Soul Jam tour in1986. Unfortunately the man most responsible for their success Harold Melvin, died in 1997 buthis spirit and legacy lives on, as the group which now consists of Donnell Gillespie, RufusThorn, Anthony Brooks, John Morris and features Sharon Paige, continue to tour and dazzlecrowds with the same array of groovy rhythms and soulful ballads that was the foundation for ayoung, ambitious Philadelphia soul band in 1954.


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